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2018 Harvest - Fuado's Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil 120 ml

2018 Harvest - Fuado's Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil 120 ml

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100% unadulterated extra virgin olive oil.  

We are certain that the extra virgin olive oil is untampered with because:

Every October, the Salut Lebanon team travel to Lebanon personally to harvest and press the world’s best extra virgin olive oil and leave only after the bottled oil is shipped out.

All our products are air-flown to Hong Kong as soon and as fresh as possible. Shelf life is 2 years if storage suggestions are adhered to.

"The farm and mill are located in the village of Kfarkela within the county of Marjeyoun, south Lebanon. South Lebanon is the key olive-growing region in Lebanon. The oil is pressed from the ‘Baladi’, which is the oldest common but high-quality olive variety cultivated in south Lebanon. The sensory quality is a medium-bodied oil with an herbal aroma and spicy finish."


Serving ideas:

Salad dressing – Mix pomegranate vinegar with extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice. (Optional: Add chopped onions, garlic and mint leaves. Season with salt and pepper).

Bread dip: Mix pomegranate vinegar and extra virgin olive oil.