Why trust us?

Magic Season Organics started out by growing our organic veggies in Hong Kong, but our production outgrew the land in Hong Kong, so eight years ago we moved five hours away (by car) to Qingyuan, China (check out a video of the farm here and read more about it here).

We understand the concern that people have about food coming from China, because we also share this concern. Our family's dedication to producing high quality organic produce stems from this very desire to nourish our own family with healthy, nutritious food that is free of chemicals, but that is also farmed in an environmentally regenerative way.

We certainly had our own reservations about relocating to Mainland China, but ultimately, after searching for two years, we knew that this land was the most ideal location for Magic Season Organics.  Our farm is located on pristine land that is situated in a nature conservation area 50km away from any industry, which cannot be found in Hong Kong.  The water is uncontaminated fresh water that comes down from the mountains.  This soil has never known chemicals and as we continual rotate our crops, we are not only sustaining its pure qualities, but adding nutrients and increasing soil quality as we farm.  Our proximity to Hong Kong means that we minimise our carbon footprint; our produce has never flown in an airplane.  This also means that it's fresh when it arrives at your door.

Magic Season Organics produce is certified organic by the Chinese WIT Assessment (read about it here).  We are in the process of obtaining another organic certification (e.g. USDA or equivalent).  However, we believe that certification is only part of the story.  We invite you to taste our veggies, hear our story (here), get to know us (here), meet us at our events (such as the farmers markets), visit our farm (here) and decide for yourself.  

Prioritize your health, take care of your family, reduce your impact on the environment, connect with Nature: Join the Magic Season Organics Family.