Why Choose Organic?

Why choose to eat organic foods? We will be exploring this question at length in our blog, but for now two reasons stand out.


Research on the topic is unequivocal. Organic agriculture does not use chemical pesticides, fungicides and insecticides (used in conventional agriculture). Consuming even trace amounts of some of these chemicals (there are always residues on conventional produce) has been linked to cancer, immune system disorders and/or mental disorders such as ADHD.

These effects are generally more pronounced for children, whose nervous and immune system are rapidly developing.

Also, organic produce generally contains more nutrients (vitamins and minerals), due to the richer and healthier soil.


Our farm is full of life. We grow 30+ veggies in any season, and we let the soil rest once in a while. It can be smelly (especially our special compost). Birds, insects, rodents and other critters are everywhere. Sure, some of the critters are pests and we need to convince them not to touch our veggies (think red pepper spray). But this is how we want it. We want a rich, striving, biodiverse environment.

In contrast, conventional farms are silent, except for the sound of machines. The only smell is that of diesel. All one can see is huge fields of the same crop (monoculture), sprayed endlessly with petroleum-based pesticides and fertilizers. Conventional farming destroys biodiversity, and is one of the main contributors to climate change.

There is so much more to say. We will be talking about the benefits of organic agriculture in detail in our blog. For now, relax and go eat our veggies :)!