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Test Results

Magic Season Organics, just like you, is concerned about food safety, health and the impact of food production on the planet.  This is why we farm in a way that is natural and earth-conscious - the way Nature intended.  We understand that in today's world, it is not always obvious who and what we can trust.  That is why Magic Season Organics strives to be as accountable and transparent as possible.  


In addition to having our farm tested annually, we must also have each type of vegetable tested annually.  Each year we send our produce to Shanghai and get it tested through an independent lab: SGS.

Here is an example of the test results:
We grow over 70 types of vegetables a year and as a result, we spend over HK$150,000 per year for certification and testing.

Recently, a sample of our "Purple Yams" were collected from Wellcome Supermarket and tested for 309 pesticide compounds and 7 heavy metals.  
The following results were sent to us: in short, nothing detectable!

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