Meet the Family

Farmers extraordinaire!  Meet Raymond and Becky Kwong, the founders of Magic Season Organics (MSO).  Raymond and Becky see a need for safe, nutritious food in a world that increasingly compromises the well-being of the Earth, the animals, our children, and ourselves for maximum yields at minimum costs.  The negative impacts of commercial food production on the environment and the desire to grow healthy, wholesome food for their family were the seeds that led Raymond and Becky to build MSO. They enjoy working closely with their farmers and learning together (because there is always more to learn!)  When they are not at their farm in the mountains of Qingyuan, Raymond can be found riding his bike by his home in Hong Kong and Becky loves to spend time with her three grandchildren: 

(Lilly, Abby & Kloee)

Alvin Kwong, also known as the Head of Lettuce, is helping to grow the family's dream of providing affordable organic veggies to the people of Hong Kong. Upon completing his studies overseas, Alvin has joined the family business and brings his youthful enthusiasm and endless energy to the MSO team.  When he is not sharing his love and knowledge about all things organic, he can be found on a standup paddleboard or a kayak, paddling to one of the many secluded beaches along Hong Kong's shores. 

Born and raised in Canada, Ophelia Kwong has been an organic-eating hippie since the 90's.  She believes in living simply and in harmony with Nature.  Her desire to avoid the 'rat race' and her love of the forest and the ocean led her and her partner to convert a school bus into a beautiful cabin in the woods (check it out here).  After living on a bio-dynamic farm for 3 years, they purchased 9 acres of land in the mountains of British Columbia which they plan to turn into a permaculture farmstead (here). Ophelia has recently relocated her family (loving partner, 2 kiddies and 2 dogs) to Hong Kong to help grow MSO.  Ophelia spends her time nurturing two little humans to love and appreciate the natural world, and whenever possible, she rides down steep mountains on her bike. 

An advocate for the environment and a lover of Nature, Julien Lafaille has taken a leap and moved to Hong Kong with his partner, Ophelia.  Originally from France, Julien brings to MSO his passion for the three R's: Resist. Revolt. Rewild.  He is determined to live in a way that is regenerative to the Earth and that strives to minimize harm to the environment (challenging, but hopefully possible in Hong Kong!) He shares his knowledge and curiosity about eating and healing naturally with the MSO team.  Julien is a rock climber and mountain biker who can be found hiking and 'coasteering' everyday with his dogs near his home in Sai Kung.  

Coming to us from the UK via Shanghai is Jacqueline Faulkner.  Jacqueline is a permaculture enthusiast and strives to live by its principles: Care of the Earth.  Care of the People.  Fair Share (returning the surplus to the earth and the people).   Growing wholesome organic food is her passion and she has been involved in aquaponics in Shanghai, a permaculture farm in Clearwater Bay and now we are so lucky to have her as part of our MSO family.  When Jacqueline takes a break from growing food, she can be found around town tasting all the culinary delicacies that Hong Kong has to offer.  

A fascination with the natural world's quirks and wonders led Hugo Lam to study biology.  In his journey as a biologist, Hugo became aware of the ways in which commercial agriculture is detrimental to the planet.  His desire to make a positive difference led him to pursue further studies in agricultural sciences and he spent over 3 years growing organic aquaponic vegetables before joining MSO. Hugo is always sharing his love and knowledge of the plant world with the MSO family. When he is not being a nerdy scientist, he is traveling the world and hiking in the great outdoors.