Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. When can my box be delivered?
  2. Where do you deliver to?
  3. What if I miss my delivery?
  4. I wrote a review. How do I get my 20% discount?
  5. How long can I store my veggies?
  6. Where are the veggies grown?
  7. My box doesn't have all the veggies I ordered!
  8. There is a problem with my order (quality, delivery time)


1) When can my box be delivered?

All orders made before 12pm are delivered the next day. However, we do not deliver on Sunday and Monday.

 2) Where do you deliver to?

We use SF Express for our delivery service and deliver almost everywhere in Hong Kong. In most places, we can offer 3 delivery slots - morning, afternoon and evening. We will call you to discuss what works best for you when you order.

To check which time slots are available in your area, proceed to the link provided HERE.

3) What if I miss my delivery?

Our driver will always call you  before your delivery to make sure that someone is home.  If you have stepped out or will be back later, you can ask the driver to leave the box at your door or with the security guard of your building.  

*Please make sure the security guard knows that the box is on its way.

If we are unable to reach you during your scheduled delivery, your box will be delivered the next day. If this is a frequent occurrence, we will get in touch with you to discuss alternatives.

4) I wrote a review. How do I get my 20% discount?

First, thank you! We normally notice new reviews right away. If after a few days we still haven't emailed you your discount code, just send us an email. 

5) How long can I store my veggies for?

You can store your veggies between 5-10 days depending on what you get.  

Things like our Salad Mix and Lettuce are good for 4-5 days while others like Choi Sum and Bak Choi can store between 7-10 days. Root vegetables can be stored for a few weeks. 

6) Where are your veggies grown?

All the veggies we sell are grown at our family farm in the mountain near Qingyuan, China, in a pristine conservation area.  Learn more about our farm and why we located it here.

7) My box doesn't have all the veggies I ordered!

Sometimes, we run out of certain veggies due to weather or other unpredictable event. If we know that particular veggie will be back in stock shortly, we will just swap it for something similar.

If it is something more serious - your box is missing veggies, or has more than you ordered - then it could be a fulfillment error. Contact us and we'll sort things out. Your satisfaction is our priority!

8) There is a problem with my delivery (quality, delivery time)

Your satisfaction is our utmost priority. We have strict quality control processes in place, but sometimes a wilty leafy green or squished tomato will escape. The delivery process can also be hard on fragile products. If you find one of those, or have any other quality-related complaint, PLEASE CONTACT US. We will replace your order free of charge and do everything we can to ensure it doesn't happen again.