About Our Farm

Why and how did we get into organic farming? This is our story:


Our Organic Farm

Magic Season is a family-run farm business that is passionate about healthy living and eating organic. We are dedicated to producing the highest quality organic produce in an environmentally sustainable way. We offer affordable healthy organic vegetables and fruits delivered right to your doorstep.

Our Story

Magic Season first opened its doors in 2002. In partnership with professors from City University of Hong Kong, Magic Season developed a fermentation process to convert organic waste into high quality organic fertilizers. Our fermentation method recycles the nutrients from the waste and produces a valuable agricultural commodity. Magic Season has created an environmentally sustainable process of recycling and reusing organic matter and minimizing waste in the landfills.



In 2003 Magic Season expanded its business from organic fertilizer production to include the production of high quality organic fruits and vegetables using Magic Season fertilizers. We began with a farm in the New Territories of Hong Kong where we sold our fruits and vegetables at local markets. During this time, Magic Season worked with the Government of Hong Kong to create a market dedicated to the sale of organic foods. This initiative is now known as the Tai Po Organic Market and continues to be a popular destination for all things organic.

Sales for our products exceeded our greatest expectations and the response from our customers was overwhelmingly positive. As demand for Magic Season produce continued to increase, we soon outgrew the capacity of our Hong Kong farm and embarked on a 2-year search for pristine land away from any industry or pollutants. We finally found it in our current location in Qingyuan, China. The Magic Season farm is situated 430 meters above sea level and is nestled in the mountains. To ensure that the land is continually uncontaminated, we conduct thorough annual testing of the soil (results posted on the website). We have stringent criteria to ensure that the soil and surrounding area is free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, growth hormones and chemical preservatives.


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Take a virtual tour with the video below. We also do actual farm tours!  If you are interested in experiencing our farm in person, please email us at orders@magicseasonorganics.com!



Magic Season Organics produce is certified organic by one of the largest and oldest Chinese organic certification bodies: WIT Assessment.  WIT certified organic produce is exported and sold in the U.S, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong/Macao and Taiwan.  Our farm undergoes rigorous random testing of the produce for chemical residues as well as testing of the soil.  Farm records are also audited to ensure that best practices for organic farming are strictly adhered to. WIT is accredited by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM), which is the equivalent of the United Nations for organic agriculture. For more information (in Chinese) of WIT's policies and processes, please click here

Below is our most recent organic certification certificate (in Chinese). To receive this certification, Magic Season Organics veggies do not contain any chemicals or heavy metals.

Please note: We are in the process of getting these documents translated into English.  

Magic Season Organics is in the process of adding another organic certification (e.g. USDA or equivalent).  We are also in the process of translating all our test results from Chinese to English.  So far, all our results have been negative for chemicals and heavy metals.  To see the Chinese version of the test results, please click here.