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Order THE 4-BOXES BUNDLE from us today and receive 4 produce boxes one at a time on a fixed schedule.  Available for delivery once a week, twice a week or once every 2 weeks.  With this package, you save 5% on the individual box price. Unlike the Farmer's Pick, you will be able to customize every box based on what is available from our farm. 

THIS BOX IS FOR: Those who want to start eating more organic vegetables, but are not quite ready to make the jump for the longer 10-Boxes (10% off!) duration package.

INSIDE THIS BOX: Is your very own custom selection of vegetables.  You get to update it every week (see below on how to make your selection)!

BOX SIZE: Vegetables will store for 5-10 days depending on the type. We recommend you go for the smaller box if you are unsure. You can always upgrade your box mid-program if needed.

Each box contains a fixed number of "packs". While most vegetables are 300g/pack, others such as Kale are 150g/pack.  Larger items such as Pumpkins may constitute as 3 or even 4 packs depending on its size. We will always specify in the email from which you place your weekly selection.

(Do not use Safari browser to purchase a Medium or Large box, it will revert back to a Small box! Use Chrome, FireFox or Internet Explorer instead.)


Small Box - 6 packs - $199.50/box

 ~1.5-1.8kg (2.5-3斤). Ideal for those who cook a few times a week. We recommend this box for 1-2 people/week.


Medium Box - 10 packs - $332.50/box

~2.8-3.0kg (4.5-5斤). Our most popular size, this box will feed 3-4 hungry people for a whole week.  


Large Box - 15 packs - $498.75/box

~4.5-5.0kg (7.5-8斤). Loved for its variety, this box will ensure you and your family are eating a large selection of vegetables each week. Perfect for 4-6 people/week.


Choosing Your Vegetables

Once you place your order, you will automatically begin receiving our Available Veggie List email every week. This email goes out every Sunday at around 11am.  All you need to do is reply to the email with your selection (copy and paste your choices or type them out!) and we will handle the rest. 

* We ask that you choose an extra 2-3 vegetables as back-ups in case some are sold out. We cannot guarantee you will get 100% of your selection as we distribute our vegetables on a first-come-first-serve basis but we try and do our best to make sure everyone is happy!