Tizzy Shots Mega Mix 6-Pack
Tizzy Shots Mega Mix 6-Pack

Tizzy Shots Mega Mix 6-Pack

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Made with Magic Season Organics' ginger, Tizzy Shots are a great complement to your healthy organic lifestyle.  They are cold pressed to maximize their nutritional content and can be kept for up to 5 days in the refrigerator. The Mega Mix 6-Pack offers all three kinds of Tizzy Shots: Classic, Charcoal and Turmeric.  Each Tizzy Shot is 50mL.

The Classic is a pleasing blend of ginger, lemon and Manuka honey to help you beat a wide range of ailments, ranging from the common cold, to DOMS post-gym,  to morning sickness.
100% Organic Ingredients: ginger juice, lemon juice, water, manuka honey

The inky Charcoal shot looks mysterious, but it will actually soothe and cleanse your body. Imagine promptly escorting out all the MSG from your recent late night takeaway or binding up gases that cause terrible bloating. 
100% Organic Ingredients: ginger juice, water, manuka honey, activated charcoal

The Turmeric has added coconut milk and black pepper so that your body can more easily absorb the turmeric, all the while benefiting from the ever present ginger.
100% Organic Ingredients: ginger juice, turmeric juice, coconut milk, water, manuka honey, black pepper

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