10 Veggie Box Package - South Side Only 只限港島南區市民開心選擇
10 Veggie Box Package - South Side Only 只限港島南區市民開心選擇
10 Veggie Box Package - South Side Only 只限港島南區市民開心選擇

10 Veggie Box Package - South Side Only 只限港島南區市民開心選擇

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The 10 Box Package is your Organic Farm all-access pass. With this package, you can set your own delivery schedule and choose your own veggies.

*Plastic-free packaging is only available on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 

Additional 10% discount for all orders placed before June 1
South Side Only

四 五 六仲可以走塑,加入减廢行列

Small: ~1.8kg (3 catty)

  • up to 6 types of veggies 
  • $170.10/box 
  • $1,701/pack
  • 1-2 people/week

Medium: ~3kg (5 catty)

  • up to 10 types of veggies
  • $278.10/box
  • $2,871/pack
  • 3-4 people/week

Large: ~4.5kg (7.5 catty)

  • up to 15 types of veggies
  • $422.10/box
  • $4,221/pack
  • 4-6 people/week

Veggies usually store for 6-8 days. Hearty veggies can store much longer.

細箱: 1.8kg
中箱: 3kg
大箱: 4.5kg


Choose Your Veggies

Selection is done by email. Every Friday evening you will receive an email with a list of veggies to choose from. You must reply to the email with your selection by 12 pm the day before your scheduled delivery.

If we do not receive your selection in time, we will choose for you. 


透過電子郵件完成你的選擇。每週五晚上,您將會收到我們發出的電郵,內附有蔬菜清單可供選擇。 您可以在預定發貨前一天中午12:00前回復電郵。 如我們未能成功收取你的電郵,我們會為你選擇合適的蔬菜。

Delivery Schedule

If you already know the 10 days you wish to have your boxes delivered, just let us know in the notes during checkout. Otherwise, we will be in touch with you by email or phone to fix your delivery schedule. 

Changes can be made at any time and up to 48 hours before your scheduled delivery. Simply let us know which boxes you wish to change by sending us an email.

Less than 48 hours means the box will still go out. However, we can send it to a family or friend to enjoy instead. Just let us know by email the name of the receiver, mobile number and their delivery address. Otherwise your box will be donated to Love21 Foundation.


如果您已經知道該4天的蔬菜箱收貨時間,請在結賬時通知我們。 否則,我們將透過電子郵件或電話與您聯絡,以便確定收貨時間。   您可以在預定交貨前的48小時內隨時進行更改。請透過電子郵件告訴我們您希望更改的蔬菜箱。如不足48小時前通知我們更改收貨時間,我們仍會按照原先確認的時間送貨。 或者,您而可將蔬菜箱送給家人或朋友享用。只需透過電子郵件告知我們接收者的姓名,手機號碼及送貨地址就可以送給他們。 否則你的蔬菜箱將捐贈給Love21基金會

Delivery Times

B. 1:00pm to 5:00pm Only

If you are out, please provide us with a door code or let the guards know you are expecting a delivery. We can leave your veggies in the lobby or at your door. 

Have a question? Look under our FAQ header to see if we've answered it. If not, please send us an email or whatsapp.✉📧


B.下午1:00至下午5:00 如您外出時,請向我們提供大門密碼或讓警衛知道代您收貨。 我們可以把蔬菜留在您大廈大堂或門口前。

如有任何疑問? 請查看我們的FAQ,在這裡可能幫助解決您的疑問。 如果沒有,請發送電子郵件或whatsapp。


Email: orders@magicseasonorganics.com

WhatsApp: +852 6276 9911

Office Hours: 

  • Mon-Fri: 10 am to 5 pm
  • Sat: 11am to 1pm
  • Sun and Ph: off



WhatsApp:852 6276 9911