Zero-Waste Supply Chain

Would you like plastic with that? A simple question with an obvious answer.

While all of us will reject the single-use packaging where possible, often there are times when we have no choice but to accept it. Whether it be the plastic used to wrap that new t-shirt or a combination of plastic and cardboard around that shiny new TV, disposable packaging is everywhere. We get that it is convenient and sometimes necessary. As consumers, like you, we will do what we can where we can to reduce the amount of garbage we put in our bins, but as consumers, there are some things we are not able to control.

That is the part we are here to address today. It's what happens behind the scenes, because out of sight and out of mind is just not going to cut it.

In the world of vegetable imports, Hong Kong is a behemoth. With 95% of the fresh fruits and vegetables being imported, there is a staggering amount of waste generated just go get the food products to the market where they will be purchased by us. Or thrown out.

The culprits we speak of today are styrofoam boxes and of course, plastic packaging.

In 2016, we asked the question, do we have to use plastic? The overwhelming answer here was yes. "It's how it's always been done", we were told. "It's needed to keep the veggies fresh", said our industry friends. And with that, we told you, our customers, the same thing.

Instead of accepting the status quo, we started asking questions everywhere we went. Can we switch out the disposable box for a durable and re-usable box? Can we return this back to our farm? Can we implement this and still deliver a fresh product? When we started asking the right questions, we found that the simple answer was yes. Absolutely yes, we can!

After a 2 month trial at the end of 2018, we have a simple and effective way that can bring our fresh organic veggies from our farm in Qingyuan to your home in Hong Kong. A way that eliminates all foam boxes up the supply chain and all plastic packaging from farm to table. When we started testing the alternatives, we discovered that not only can we eliminate disposable materials from our supply chain, we can also participate in the collection of recyclables from households - the #1 source of garbage in Hong Kong.

Here is our goal.
1. Eliminate all single-use styrofoam and single-use plastic from our supply chain by June 30, 2019.
2. Collect clean plastics, unwanted clothing and food waste directly from households. For every 1kg of veggies we deliver, we will collect 1kg in recycling materials. by June 30, 2019

How we will do it:
1. Eliminate all single-use styrofoam and single-use plastic
Starting in the Mid-Levels and Sheung Wan district, find 200 households who are looking for organic vegetables, minus the excess packaging.
- Instead of plastic covered vegetables, we will use Beeswax wraps for all vegetables. Used wraps can be dropped off at our shop at 5 Shin Hing Street where they will be cleaned and used again
- Deliveries will be made early mornings from 7am-10am

2. Collect clean plastics, unwanted clothing and food waste directly from households.
- upon delivery of veggies, recyclables will be picked up by our driver and dropped off to 1 of 3 partners who can recycle unwanted products
- establish recycle collection points by working with local businesses to allow non-mso customers to participate.

The only question we have left is. Will our customers support us?

Fill in a short form and let us know you're in!

A glimpse of the number of foam boxes used to get our veggies into Hong Kong. Vegetable imports work 365 days a year!
A glimpse of the amount of foam boxes that are being used every day. Did you know that all vegetables arriving in Hong Kong from China must pass through 1 of 2 distribution centers? They are either through Dongguan or Shenzhen


From Dongguan, the vegetables are being loaded into massive (black smoke emitting) trucks as they make their way to Shenzhen and eventually, Hong Kong. 


Choi Sum on top of a beautiful beeswax wrap


Inside? Organic Choi Sum, of course.


Deliveries can also be made like this. 



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