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12 Ways to Stay Healthy and Happy This Holiday Season

Christmas is here! 2017 passed by in a blur and now Hong Kong is filled with lights and sounds, all amped up for the holidays. The holidays are always a special time. It is a time to spend with our family and friends. The Christmas spirit in Hong Kong has already kicked into high gear and everyone is excited.  In as much as holidays are fun, they can also be taxing for our health.

Not only do we spread ourselves thin with the many activities on top of our regular routine, we also spend a lot of time eating. With the many festive food options available, it has been said that we can easily gain five to eight pounds in the happiest time of the year. While some might think that this is unavoidable, it actually is. All you need is a few tips to start and end your holiday season right.

  1. Stick to a well-balanced morning routine.

When it is chaotic and busy, it’s easier to breeze through our mornings. However, we must remember that a rushed morning leads to an even more rushed day. Take the time to have a nice breakfast filled with organic fruits and vegetables, eat merrily, and just take in a few moments of calm. A great morning routine leads up to a happy day. Put yourself first and the rest will follow.

  1. Eat your veggies.

We get it, the holiday season equates to great food. It is so easy to get lost in the land of milk and honey but to keep the weight off, discipline is essential. This means that yes, you can enjoy the sugary meals of the season but you must also be disciplined enough to eat your organic fruits and veggies in between the parties. In fact, more and more people in Hong Kong are getting more concerned with their health. There has been a spike in organic produce in Hong Kong in recent years.

  1. Choose your meals wisely.

On regular days, there are only three meals. During the season of one month long parties, five meals a day is probably the bare minimum. Be mindful of what you eat. Make sure to include organic vegetables in all meals. Research about organic fruits and vegetables online to know what works best for the holidays and see how best it can get to you. Organic produce in Hong Kong are slowly gaining popularity, so research and stay healthy this season.

  1. Get moving.

Bring on the endorphins! Make sure you are ready for the endless partying by upping your cardio. Moving will not only make you feel energized but it will also help in burning off all the excess fats. Choose a class that works for you and be committed to it.

  1. Beware of liquid calories.

Yes, those alcoholic drinks are fun BUT do not be deceived – they contain a lot of calories. Enjoy the season but make sure you don’t pack the pounds with tons and tons of calories from liquid drinks. Pace yourself.

  1. Know healthier cooking alternatives.

With the many options available for us, there are better ways to prepare the feast for the holidays. With many organic fruits and vegetables online options, you can even have the delivered to your home. Find a delivery service you trust if you wish to avoid the rush in the supermarkets.

  1. Take your vitamins.

If you are not comfortable with vitamins in a pill, research about organic produce. Find out what your body needs the most (Vitamin C is much needed during the rush of the season) and see which organic fruits and vegetables works best for the season.

In the midst of a busy season, do not forget to destress from the season by having a massage or even a relaxing bath at home. Do not let the chaos of the season get to you, it is possible to enter the season with calmness.

  1. Have a day just for yourself.

The next step is to gift yourself by having a day reserved just for you. Whether you are going to go shopping or go to the salon, as long as it is a day for you, then it is worth it.

  1. Be prepared early.

The main secret is to be prepared early. Whip out your Christmas list early and be ahead of the rush. You will thank yourself later when it’s the last week before Christmas and you are all good to go.

  1. Be surrounded with people you love.

Remember the season is all about people. Make it all about your emotional health by filling your love tank. Find the perfect balance of finding days for yourself and celebrating the ones you love.

  1. Develop new habits.

The end of the year is a great time to prepare for the next year. Get into the habit of keeping yourself healthy and happy all year long beginning with changing your eating habits. Get into the organic produce trend in Hong Kong that will benefit you in the long run.

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